Saturday, November 26, 2011

Architecture - Hill-Maheux Cottage

Hill Maheux Cottage
Hill-Maheux Cottage
With the aim to create a home away from crowds, yet also be able to enjoy the beauty of forests and lake, Kariouk Associates designing a work of architectural art, Hill-Maheux Cottage, located in Val-des-Monts, Quebec, Canada.

Hill Maheux Cottage entry
Hill-Maheux Cottage_entry   
Hill Maheux Cottage fireplace
Hill-Maheux Cottage_fireplace
Hill Maheux Cottage interior
Hill-Maheux Cottage_foyer
Hill Maheux Cottage interior
Hill-Maheux Cottage_interior
Hill Maheux Cottage porch
Hill-Maheux Cottage_porch
Design of the house takes two basic forms simple. like two boxes representing different zone. One box is private rooms for the owner that includes bedroom and bathroom. While the other box for public purposes such as kitchen and living room.

Hill Maheux Cottage stair
Hill-Maheux Cottage_stair to loft
Hill Maheux Cottage loft
Hill-Maheux Cottage_loft
Hill Maheux Cottage bathroom
Hill-Maheux Cottage_bathroom
 To enjoy the natural beauty around, a big sheet of glass mounted on a field that is facing towards the trees. An architectural masterpiece that worth thumbs up.
Hill Maheux Cottage floor plan
Hill-Maheux Cottage_floor plan

HillMaheuxCottage section
Hill-Maheux Cottage_section
For more information please visit Kariouk Associates Architects or here.

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