Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Furniture - Puofman the Iconic Chair by Qayot Design

Puofman by Qayot
Puofman by Qayot design
A chair design that reminds me of Pacman. The old and popular computer game. This furniture design is called Puofman by Qayot design. The base is made of 18mm raw wood particles and the seat is made of protective fabric. Soft and stain resistance.
Puofman color selection
Puofman color selection
Puofman by Qayot black
Poufman dark
Puofman by Qayot white
Poufman white
They came with various colors. Red top-white side, black top-white side, turledove top-white side and the other three color combination are the opposite from the other three that already mentioned. Found this furniture here.

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  1. Cool! The placements of the colors are just perfect in it. Thanks for few shots of an exclusive collection.
    iconic furniture