Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Furniture - Gaudi the Artistic Sofa Design

Gaudi the Artistic Sofa Design by Bretz
This artistic shape furniture is named as Gaudi and has been one of Bretz famous designs worldwide. Gaudi has a baroque characteristic design, opposing the minimalistic, as you can see from the curly line that form the base and the wavy line  which form the top side of the sofa. Made of a wooden structure and metal spring suspension with "Bonell" plus "Nosag" spring system, a top quality foam and finally it covered with lots various option of polyester fleece.
Gaudi the Artistic Sofa Design Single Seat Asymmetric
Gaudi the Artistic Sofa Design Double Seat Symmetric

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Gaudi the Artistic Sofa Bed Design
Gaudi comes with some alternative designs. Asymmetric single and double seat, both with their mirror design and the symmetric single and double seat, not to mention the symmetric design of sofa-bed design. Found this artistic furniture in here.


  1. Gaudi I love ur sofa designs....they are certainly not 'gaudi' they are beautiful. I especially love the sofa bed.

  2. Hi anonymous, a little clarification here. the design is made by Bretz, not me, the author of this blog. They're good yes, I also adore it too.