Friday, December 2, 2011

Architecture - Matilde by Ailtireacht

Matilde by Ailtireacht
Matilde by Ailtireacht
An architecture work that located in South Dublin, Ireland, got a touch of design from Ailtireacht. A modernization and an new space were added into the element. The idea was to enlarge the multifunctional living space and bedroom that wasn't provided in the original house design.
Matilde by Ailtireacht Exterior
Matilde exterior
Matilde by Ailtireacht Exterior 2
Matilde exterior 2
The design offered a better rear return. A more efficient and functional while reflecting the original terrace. The use of zinc as a cladding makes a nice combination with the darker color of the lower story or the main building.
Matilde by Ailtireacht Interior
Matilde interior
Matilde by Ailtireacht Interior 2
Matilde interior 2
Landscaping and Interior by Ailtireacht
Photography by Paul Tierney and Paul Quinn
Find this architecture work in here.

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