Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lightning - Discocó the Unique

Discocó Lightning
Discocó Lightning
This lightning fixture is called Discocó. Made of thirty five ABS disks, arranged in circle in few layers. The finishing is lacquered in white, reflecting the light source inside. Sides of the disks that are not exposed to light will provide a beautiful shadow effects but wait, not only to the disks, also to the surrounding area. In minimum lightning, Discocó will make a dramatic environment. A nice lightning fixture to create unique ambience around the house.

Discocó Lightning Shadow
Discocó Shadows
Discocó Lightning Walls
Discocó Wall
Discocó Lightning Stairs
Discocó Stairs
Discocó Lightning Trio
Discocó Trio
Discocó Lightning Ambience
Discocó Ambience
Found this lightning fixture in marset.

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